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Our mission is to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ through specific medical and surgical interventions for poor Cambodians.


Kendrick Kahler, MD

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Gilead’s Hope Year End Update

December 30, 2018

Greetings from my hometown of New Braunfels, Texas.  I recently returned from several rewarding months teaching medicine to young Cambodian physicians and delivering targeted healthcare to many destitute and hopeless Cambodian patients.  2018 turned out to be our busiest year in recent memory.  We funded medical or surgical treatment for over 83 patients, 9 of whom underwent open-heart surgery and cardiac valve replacement.   I wish you were there with me to experience the joy and sincere gratitude of each patient and family.  Your generous contributions allowed these patients to regain their health and become contributing members in their families once again.  The cardiac and kidney disease patients would certainly have died otherwise.  I’ve included some of their photos.

We have approximately $12,000 remaining in our Gilead’s Hope fund in Cambodia as of the printing of this newsletter.   The December invoice will be available in late January 2019.  All detailed monthly invoices are available by request to me:  kendrick1962@icloud.com

Breakdown of Major Expenses For 2018 are as Follows:

9 Cardiac Surgery Patients                                                                                          $31,000

66 Patients Diagnosed and Treated (X-Ray, CT scan, MRI,                                     $20,395

      Lab testing, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Medication, In Hospital Stays,

      and Specialist Referral)

1 Patient (Keo Sokha, Age 38) Repeat Kidney Transplant in India                        $18,900

3 Patients for Kidney Disease Medication and Procedures                                    $  3,853

1 Patient (Loa Malika, Age 24) Kidney Dialysis Awaiting Donor                            $  1,655

2 Patients (Mao Von, Suon Pon) for Hepatitis C Eradication                                  $  1,320

1 Patient (Sok Leang, Age 32) Laminectomy for Severe Herniated Disc             $     700        


Total Expenses as of November 30, 2018                                                                   $77,823

Over 99% of all donated funds go directly to patient care in Cambodia. < 1% is used for administration. Our accountant, and his staff give generously of their time and talents to this ministry.  As a physician, I am self-supported, working several months each year to pay my own personal expenses including travel. More