Gilead’s Hope’s mission is to “demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ through medical and surgical treatment of poor Cambodians.” We partner with Mercy Medical Center ( in Phnom Penh to coordinate care for each patient and carefully account for and distribute funds. While there, each patient and their family members receive a clear explanation of the saving faith found only in Jesus Christ. We offer prayer and biblical counseling at each visit. The patients can decline if they have no interest.

We provide compassionate care to Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian patients as well as patients with no spiritual belief.

I am privileged to be your caring hands and encouraging voice, especially when I can tell the patients that we have the funds for their desperately needed life-saving cardiac surgery, medications, or diagnostic testing. I wish you could be with me to see their joy and hope emerge from despair. We have many more patients needing our assistance.

We are a 501c3 organization. Your 2020 tax-deductible donations can be made online at the
Gilead’s Hope website: or checks can be made out to“Gilead’s Hope” and mailed to:

Matthews & Johnson, CPAs
1902 E. Common Street, Suite 400
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: (830) 625-7759